I would just like to say a little vort that I heard this past week from Rabbi Beinenfeld at an azkara for my wife’s grandfather.

He asked what is the nature of the tefila that we say everyday that ends with the bracha goel yisrael. He asked one more question. Why do we say in the hagada pesach matza and maror. What is the connection between the three?

He said the bracha of goel yisrael is really redundant. Why because we really have a bracha of  matzmiach keren yishua. That is the bracha of geula.So the question is why do we need two brachot of the same thing?

He said that the bracha of goel yisrael is not the bracha of geula. It is a bracha of all the little geulas that everyone has in their lives. Everyone needs to be saved from something in their lives and it is our prayer that we should saved and be able to see the hashgacha as much as possible.

The reason it says maror in the middle is that the maror signifies that even the part that was not so easy in Egypt was part of our geula also. The maror enabled us to come out of Egypt  early. So really the maror was a part of the geula.

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